About Me

Hello! I am Lilli Keladry, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Washington (LH60637328). I received my Masters Degree in Psychology at Seattle University in 2013. Prior to beginning my private practice, I worked at a community mental health center where I provided mental health counseling to teens, adults and families.  Though I often draw from an array of therapeutic lenses including Psychodynamic Therapy, Mindfulness Practices and Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, my basic counseling orientation is focused on building a warm and compassionate relationship where your thoughts and feelings may be explored and worked through. (For more info, see Vocab link) 

 As a Mental Health Counselor I have worked with an assortment of issues including but not limited to anxiety, self-esteem, depression, life transitions, trauma & abuse,  and relationship issues. I value looking at my client's perspective on their culture and identity, as well as stressors they may be experiencing that arise from prejudice and oppression.


It is such a privilege for me to do this work. When not counseling I often will be relaxing with a book, riding a bicycle, or spending time with my dog.

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