Abstract Horizon
Counseling Vocab
Strengths-Based & Collaborative:  Involves us (client and counselor) working as a team and emphasizing your perspective of your experiences as well as your personal and cultural standpoint.  Additionally, it emphasizes strengths you have and ways to utilize them in the counseling process.
Psychodynamic & Relational:  Focuses on uncovering uncharted internal feelings, how they are associated with your past, and how they materialize in present day relationships.
Mindfulness:  Is a meditative practice that helps you become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences in the present moment, and accepting and tolerating them without judgment and without reacting.  
Family Systems: Explores how each individual's actions in a family impacts one another and creates a family dynamic collectively.
Existential:  Is a philosophical based therapy that examines how the limitations and conditions of existence such as mortality, the experience of being alone, and search for meaning impacts one’s mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. 
Cognitive Behavioral Techniques:  CBT therapy involves identifying the different thoughts you have and how they impact your feelings and actions.  Once identified CBT targets either shifting your actions or thoughts so that your emotional state improves.  It is a structured and evidence-based practice that when used correctly has been proven to improve depression, anxiety, behavioral issues, and trauma symptoms across cultures.